Coffee Roaster
And Grinder

Coffee Bean & Powder

Ladang Coffee is a café and resto located in Indonesia. The company produces packaged coffee powder ready to brew which is available to purchase both online and offline. Available flavors are Arabica Bali Kintamani, Arabica Flores, Arabica Lintong, Arabica Mandailing, Arabica Sidikalang, and many more. Same thing with the Robusta type. Each flavor brings a distinctive aroma and leaves lingering taste in one sip. You can enjoy this uniquely flavored coffees at home, school, the office, or wherever your journey takes you.

Coffee Grind & Roaster

We are partnered with a roasting machine manufacturer with capacities ranging from 250kg/hour to 2000kg/hour. Roasted objects are usually all kinds of seed including coffee, corn, beans, or soybeans. Prices are subject to change according to the changes in the price of nickel, stainless steel, ferrous materials, following the London Metal Exchange market.

We, PT Suryana, as their direct partner and distributor can aid you in acquiring these machines, coffee powder, and bean that are befitting to your business’ needs.