Essential Oil
And Its Isolates

Essential oils are the essence of a plant; extracted from the seeds, roots, barks, or flowers. These natural compounds can exude a unique scent fits for personal care or healthcare practices. We provide a variety of essential oil such as: Anise Oil, Mandarin Oil, Orange Oil, Rosemary Oil, Spike Lavender Oil, Sweet Fennel, and Cineol.

Essential Oils and Isolates are important in the development process of many applications. We have uniquely developed isolates function where you can use it as an additive fuel. Therefore, we have our own isolates product called BioNOS.

Essential Oil Isolates

BioNOS is an additive fuel made from  organic compound which increase the cetane rating and calor value of diesel fuel to any statutory or desired levels. Fuels that have a low cetane number will have a higher ignition delay. This higher ignition delay can result in reduced fuel economy, increased emissions, loss of power and engine damage. BioNOS, when added to diesel fuel can increase the cetane number by up to 12 points.

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