Waste Water
Treatment Chemical

In the wastewater treatment facilities, we use StapHiL-MI22 as one of the important chemical to give better result. StapHiL- MI22 is a substance to raise and stabilize the pH in aerobic and anaerobic processes while minimizing sludge production.

StapHiL is a blend of some minerals/inorganic materials that provides vastly superior pH stabilization when compared to either ingredient alone. It was developed from the continual supply of wastewater samples coming through our lab and customers asking for the easiest and safest means of stabilizing their pH. Methods of raising pH are more straight forward, while stabilizing the pH is a larger challenge for most wastewater operators. This product will buffer water in a way the individual ingredients can not.

StapHiL is recommended when the pH is 6.0 or higher and the customer wants to get into a pH 7.0 to 8.0 range. Therefore, StapHiL can be used to hold the pH.

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